Structured Wiring

Do you need to prewire your new home or retrofit your existing one?

Alpha Wolf Technology and Security have sophisticated structured wiring solutions for all your smart-home needs. 

Our solutions allow you to distribute high-quality television, audio, and security systems, networking, and other services throughout your home. 

How? By creating a single, seamless, and fully integrated system that is tailored to your needs and living environment. 

Replacing the old with the new

We design and create whole home wiring systems that replace the antiquated systems of the past. Our licensed professionals use the latest innovations in technology and structured wiring techniques.

By installing cabling inside your walls or adding peripherals wirelessly, we can distribute seamlessly throughout your entire property.

From multiple locations in a single room to multiple rooms throughout your home

We provide the structured wiring solutions that mean you need only to adapt your home for expansion once, and enable your home to be “future-proof”.

Furthermore, we help to design new builds that are expansion ready and give you the flexibility to adapt your home to your everchanging lifestyle and needs at any time.